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CYAZ, Tofino / Long Beach Airport

COMM For IFR clnc ctc Hardy rdo 1330 - 0530Z O/T Pacific rdo
RCO Hardy rdo 123.25 (RAAS) 1330 - 0530Z Pacific rdo 125.85 (FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
MF Hardy rdo 123.2 1330 - 0530Z O/T tfc 5NM 3100 ASL (CAR 602.98)
PAL Vancouver Ctr 132.9 134.925 254.9

News Release BCAAP Funding

Chairpersons address to BCAAP Funding Announcement

News Release $1.27 million in new funding for Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport

Terminal The Long Beach Airport (YAZ), is situated 11 km south of Tofino and 30 km north of Ucluelet on the Pacific Rim Highway. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation the Pacific Rim National Park and the Long Beach Golf Course. It's civic address is 188 Airport Rd, Tofino, BC. YAZ on Google Maps

Scheduled flights are available from Vancouver and Victoria with Orca Airways, KD Air and Pacific Coastal.

The Alberni Valley Regional District (ACRD) operates this facility which was built by the Department of National Defense during the Second World War to protect the west coast of Canada. Now it is utilized to access various points in the Pacific Northwest for tourism, private use, military / search and rescue operations, flight training, charter and commercial operations, as well as businesses use. The spectrum of possible uses is very broad as YAZ is able to accommodate aircraft of many sizes.

As it is a service of the ACRD, YAZ operations and maintenance are funded through taxation from the District's of Tofino and Ucluelet and the Long Beach Electoral Area C. Income is also generated through land leases and landing fees and further opportunities to generate revenue and improve services are being explored . In 2012 the LBA Advisory Committee was formed to assist with achieving these goals through local knowledge, collaboration and partnership. The ACRD has also undertaken a land-use plan. Bylaw P1282 and Bylaw P1283.

All three runways are approximately 1,500 metres long and 30 metres wide. For refuelling, both Av Gas and Jet A fuel are sold by card lock. Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR) approaches are available using GPS (Geographic Positioning System) and NDB (Non-Directional Beacon). Currently, there are no night navigational aids. YAZ has approximately 20,000 passengers annually with 4,679 aircraft movements recorded in 2010. New to CYAZ - Long Beach Airport terminal has public Telus Optic high speed internet service!

Fuel Available at the Long Beach Airport - sold by cardlock
100LL is $2.25 per litre
Jet A is $1.56 per litre
Fuel Price Information is provided by Long Beach Enterprises

For further information or leasing opportunities please contact The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District at 250-720-2700 or email

Long Beach Airport

Bylaw R1016-3 Long Beach Airport Fees

Flight Planning: 1-866-992-7433
Leasing information contact:
Mark Fortune
Weather Information
Contact: Flight Services