District Board Members

Elected members of the Board are the policy and decision makers for the Regional District, and Regional District staff are responsible for implementing the policies established by the Board.

The Administrator oversees the operation of the Regional District, including the preparation of the Regional District's annual budget, ensuring Board resolutions are implemented and bylaws enforced.

ACRD Board of Directors 2022/2023
John Jack John Jack
Huu-ay-aht First Nations
John Alan Jack is an elected Member of Council for the Huu-ay-aht First Nations (HFN). His community is a party to the Maa-nulth Final Agreement (Treaty) with the provincial and federal governments which grants the HFN a seat on the Board of Directors of the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD). He was first elected in 2009 and was reelected in 2011 shortly after the Effective Date of the Treaty. He is now in his fourth term as an elected councillor. In addition to his representation of HFN to the ACRD, John has held nearly every major file in his portfolio at Huu-ay-aht, and currently holds the Finance, Deputy Chief Councillor, and Capital Raise. He is honoured to help represent his community's interests on the regional stage and has focused much of his effort in creating mutual understanding between local governments and aboriginal communities. In addition, he places a distinct importance on regional economic renewal and the need for neighbouring communities to work together to cultivate new opportunities for a stronger regional economy.

He lives in Oceanside on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with his loving and patient wife, two lively and beautiful daughters, and a boisterous young son. Aside from work, he has been known to play volleyball from time to time and enjoy tabletop games when he's not busying himself on Twitter.

Debbie Haggard Debbie Haggard
Chairperson of the Regional Hospital District; Vice-Chairperson of the ACRD
City of Port Alberni
Sharie Minions 2018 Sharie Minions
City of Port Alberni
As youngest mayor ever on Vancouver Island, Sharie Minions is carving a new path for Port Alberni's future. Born and raised in the Alberni Valley, Sharie is passionate about her community and dedicated to building a vibrant waterfront city that fosters innovation, inclusion, and opportunity.

After graduating from Alberni District Secondary School, Sharie moved to Victoria B.C. to broaden her horizons and attend University. After a few years enjoying the city, Sharie, along with her new husband and budding mortgage broker business, returned to the community of Port Alberni to start a family.

At age 26, Sharie ran for and was elected to City Council where she began her career in local politics.

Now with four beautiful young children in tow, Mayor Minions is entering her second term as mayor and is ready to continue creating change through progressive relationship building, transparent politics, and by challenging the status quo. In her personal endeavors, Sharie continues to manage a team of mortgage brokers. She also owns a successful trendy new restaurant in Port Alberni's Uptown arts district, demonstrating her faith in her community's future. Sharie has won several awards for her mortgage business and the training system she created to train her team and in 2012 was chosen as one of Vancouver Island's Top 20 Under 40 business people.

With a kind heart and steadfast vision, Mayor Sharie Minions embodies the change she envisions for her community.

Tom Stere Tom Stere
District of Tofino
Tom Stere is a councillor with the District of Tofino and appointed to the ACRD board in 2020. He is a Rescue Specialist with the Canadian Coast Guard and worked 10 yrs with the Clayoquot Biosphere Project as Research Stations Manager. He helped establish Tofino Sea Kayaking in 1988. Tom is a board member of the Tofino Harbour Authority and the Rainforest Education Society. Tom is married and spends most of his time looking for firewood with his two sons.
Marilyn McEwan Marilyn McEwen
District of Ucluelet
Wilfred Cootes Wilfred Cootes
Uchucklesaht Tribe
Wilfred Cootes was born in Port Alberni on September 2, 1978 to parents Wilfred and Susan Cootes. He is the father of five children, Moriah, Serra, Hunter, Oliver and Wilfred.

He was elected in the Uchucklesaht Tribe's first election under Treaty and has been acclimated twice since. He has been the only appointed board member since joining in 2014. Wilfred currently holds the executive portfolio for Lands and Resources and sits at many other tables representing his Nation.

Kirsten Johnsen Kirsten Johnsen
Toquaht Nation
Kirsten Johnsen is an elected member of Council for the Toquaht Nation, located in Barkley Sound. Kirsten sits as Chairperson for Council and Executive.

She grew up in Ucluelet, BC. Since graduating from USS in 1990, she moved to the Lower Mainland for several employment and education opportunities. She returned to Ucluelet in 2006 to work for the Toquaht Nation as the Communications Coordinator in preparation for the ratification of the Maa-nulth First Nations Final Agreement (Treaty).

During the lead-up to ratification, she was very active in the development of all Laws and Regulations that came into force on the effective date, April 1, 2011. She is currently the Law Clerk and Office Administrator for the Toquaht Nation Administration.

Shadow head Levana Mastrangelo
Member of Legislature
Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Government
Bob Beckett Bob Beckett
Electoral Area "A" (Bamfield)
Bob Beckett is married with three children and retired in June of 2017 as Langford Fire Chief after 41 years in the fire service. He is a graduate of Royal Roads University and past Board Chair of the YMCA - YWCA of Vancouver Island. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Westshore and enjoys working on International Aid-programs. Bob loves to spend time with his family on his boat in Bamfield and walking his Mountain Bernese dog on the various trails and beaches.
Fred Boyko
Electoral Area "B" (Beaufort)
Fred Boyko is a third-generation resident from Port Alberni. He grew up in South Port, graduated from ADSS, and went to the University of Victoria.

Upon graduating with a bachelor's degree, he has pursued a Mechanical Engineering Career. This has taken him around the planet in the oil/gas, nuclear, mining, and wastewater industries. He moved his family back to Port Alberni seven years ago and settled on an acreage/hobby farm in the Beaufort area.

He has been a Registered Professional Engineer for the 14 years and operates an Engineering Consulting company based out of Port Alberni. He enjoys raising his family in the Alberni Valley doing outdoor activities. This is his first term as an Electoral Area Director.

Vaida Siga
Electoral Area "C" (Long Beach)
Vaida Siga was raised in Jasper, Alberta. Upon completing her Registered Nursing Program at the Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing, she moved to Tofino in the 1970s to work as a Registered Nurse in Tofino General Hospital. Vaida then sought educational and employment experiences to expand her knowledge base, returning to the West Coast to live, work and volunteer. Married in 1981, Vaida's husband worked in the logging industry, and her children were raised on the West Coast.

Through the University of Victoria, Vaida obtained her BScN, with a focus on community development, and her MScN, with a focus on policy and program planning. These programs informed her work for Medical Health Services on the West Coast, as a Community Health Nurse for Tofino and Ucluelet and as a professor in the University of Calgary BScN Nursing Program at the Medicine Hat College site.

Active in community development, Vaida was the first chairperson for the West Coast Women's Resources Society, which established services for women, a transition house and counselling services. In 1994, Vaida did the research for and wrote the West Coast Community Health Council submission requesting designation as a distinct Community Health Council Area. Vaida is focused on supporting the health and well-being of the West Coast area and residents.

Penny Cote Penny Cote
Electoral Area "D" (Sproat Lake)
Penny Cote is a long time resident of the Alberni Valley and has contributed a lifetime of volunteering in community service. She is a local business owner and manager of a Heritage Commercial/Residential building in Port Alberni and partner in a Stucco construction company with her husband Brian.

Penny was first elected as the Sproat Lake Electoral Area Director in 2005 after years of working with the Sproat Lake Community Association on community safety and water quality issues. Dedicated to being an active participant on the ACRD Board of Directors, working for positive local government decision-making and action, Penny believes that the respectful collaboration within all our individual communities and every level of government is key to improving the local challenges we all face.
Susan Roth
Electoral Area "E" (Beaver Creek)

Susan Roth has called Beaver Creek home for more than 30 years. She is a newly elected local government official in the regional district.

During her lifetime, Susan has worked in three different jobs. First, during the 1980s, she worked as a cartographer for the BC Forest Service. As a map draughts person, she learned to pay close attention to detail and have a commitment to accuracy.

In 2000, Susan moved into a job in a local cedar lumber mill, pulling wood off of a green chain. During her tenure as a millworker, she developed the stamina and tenacity needed to do a physically demanding job.

In 2008, when the forest industry was in another downturn, Susan went back to university. Today, with a university diploma in Business Administration, Susan is the Manager of Finance and Administration at Sage Haven Society. Susan has learned and developed good skills throughout her working career. Her ability to gather and analyze information and solve problems in a determined manner makes her a strong advocate for the people of Beaver Creek.

Mike Sparrow
Electoral Area "F" (Cherry Creek)

Mike Sparrow is a long time resident of the Alberni Valley and has spent much of that time volunteering in Cherry Creek. Mike was a member of the Cherry Creek Salmonoid Enhancement Society and helped restore Cherry Creek habitat for the fall spawning season.

In addition, he has dedicated 30 years as a volunteer firefighter, has a Diploma in Fire Service Leadership, and 12 years as Fire Chief for Cherry Creek.

Mike has two red seal trade tickets (Machinist and Millwright) and has worked in the Valley for decades in heavy industry, light industry, and long-term health care services.

Regional District staff are usually the first point of contact for anyone who has a concern or inquiry. Our general email is mailbox@acrd.bc.ca

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