CBS8, Alberni Valley Regional Airport

Vancouver Island is a land made for aviation: deep lakes, endless forest and snow capped mountains. In the very heart and soul of this Island lies the Alberni Valley with a deep water port, a scenic region and a long aviation history, from water bombers and heli-logging to fly-in fishing and business travel. The Alberni Valley Regional Airport opened in September 1993.

Located at 7400 Airport Rd, Port Alberni

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Runway: 12/30, 5,000' x 100', Asphalt
Elevation: 250' ATF 123.0

AVRA Strategic Plan

This plan aims to identify the best economic and community development use of the airport and guide future development. A clear vision and strategic plan for the airport will support the marketing of the airport, ensure optimal utilization, and assist with grant applications for future development.

Fuel Available at AVRA

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AvGas $2.68/L
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What's on the ground...

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Major investment has put the Alberni Valley Regional Airport on the map. Funding from the region's own taxpayers has provided a long, 5,000-foot runway with another 2,500 plus feet of taxiways and apron. And the airport is already home to a number of key tenants and clubs. Coulson Aviation has both manufacturing and headquarters collocated at AVRA for it’s next generation aerial fire fighting operations.

At the heart of a large forestry region, the AVRA is also base camp for a BC provincial forest fire suppression crew.

Recreational flying is represented at the AVRA by the Alberni Valley Flying Club, the Vancouver Island Soaring Centre and the Alberni Valley Soaring Association. Sailplanes on scenic and instructional flights are frequently seen overhead and soaring along the Beaufort Range.

Interested in Leasing Opportunities?

There are no pre-surveyed lease lots available at this time, however, inquiries are welcome and will assist us in planning for future lease lot expansion. For further information or leasing opportunities please contact The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District 250-720-2700 or email airports@acrd.bc.ca .


For permitted uses and other zoning regulations at AVRA, please view Bylaw P1280. For all other bylaws related to the airport, please visit the ACRD Bylaws Webpage.

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