Long Beach Airport Water System

For problems with the water system contact:

Chantel Gemmell
Office: 250.725.3751
Cell: 250.726.6106

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ACRD Office
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Visit the Bylaws Webpage to find related Water Bylaws including bylaws relating to Development Cost Charges (DCC) and Water Service Rates.


The Long Beach Airport Water System (LBAWS) is located within the Long Beach Airport across from Long Beach of the Pacific Rim National Park. The airport is located between the villages of Tofino and Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The LBAWS was originally constructed during World War II to service the military airport and related services. Currently, the supply and treatment system is comprised of a deep well water source, water softener, chlorination, pump house, reservoir and a distribution system. The water is supplied to the Communities of Ty-Histanis and Esowista (Tla-O-Qui-Aht First Nation), airport service buildings and the Long Beach Golf Course. A contracted water operator runs the day to day operations of the LBAWS. The water operator is certified through the Environmental Operator Certificate Program (EOCP) to operate small water systems.

System overview:

  • Water Source: Deep drilled well
  • Treatment: Ion Exchange (Sodium) water softener
  • Disinfection: Chlorine
  • Reservoir: One concrete reservoir, 1364 m3
  • Service connections: 9 connections
  • Length of mains: 2730 m of C.I. & 188 m of PVC
  • Water main material: Cast Iron (CI), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Average Daily Flow: 75.7 cu. meters

In 2013 an additional water source was further investigated to assist with future demand. This was performed using exploratory drilling techniques to determine aquifer capacity. The potential for further aquifer reserves is still being determined. The reservoir is monitored annually to determine when cleaning is required. Cleaning will remove any precipitate (insoluble solid) that is caused by the oxidation of the chlorine reacting with soluble metals. A new water treatment method will be analyzed to facilitate future growth and environmental concerns.

The exterior of the reservoir was cleaned and brush removed from along the perimeter. A concrete man way into the reservoir required patching. A new water meter was installed for the Long Beach Golf Course to ensure accurate flow measurement and to assist in leak detection. New water meters were installed for airside lease lots to measure the water use and facilitate leak detection.

2013-LB Consumption

Long Beach Airport Water Systems 2013 Monthly Consumption