Sproat Lake Marine Patrol

In 2004, the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol was developed to establish a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible marine culture for all users and residents of the Sproat Lake area. Since then, the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol has had great success, reaching over 10,000 people, both in person and online, in 2021 alone.

What does the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol do?

As a team, we strive to promote a safe marine culture through:

    A presence on the lake

    A large component of our job is being a presence on the lake during the summer months. You will often see our red Zodiac on the water as we monitor for unsafe boating practices, hazards in the water, boaters in need of assistance, wildfire hazards, and environmental concerns. The zodiac is also used to regularly perform water testing in all 4 arms of Sproat Lake.


    The Sproat Lake Marine Patrol works together with Transport Canada and other resources to educate the public on safety practices, lake etiquette, environmental initiatives, and general area information. Along with the opportunity to educate the public at the boat launch, the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol effectively promotes a safe marine culture through social media and our school outreach program.

    Public assistance

    The Sproat Lake Marine Patrol is equipped with several safety essentials, including: a battery charger, a first aid kit, emergency fuel, spill pads, a fire extinguisher, fox 40's and a tow rope. We are not first responders but may aid the public to the best of our trained capabilities.

    We also carry various sizes of lifejackets, maps, and safety brochures that the public are encouraged to access.

    Coordination of the public boat launch

    During the summer months, the Provincial Park Boat Launch becomes quite congested with boaters leaving and launching into Sproat Lake. The Sproat Lake Marine Patrol helps coordinate the use of launch and aids boaters in launching more efficiently.

    Community engagement

    Our most recent expansion of the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol team has been the development of social media platforms. Through Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook we have created an opportunity to promote a safe, fun, and environmentally responsible marine culture to community members in areas beyond Sproat Lake.

Where can we find the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol?

We would love to say hello and answer any questions you may have regarding water safety, boating safety, or general information about Sproat Lake. You can find us at the Sproat Lake Provincial Park, patrolling Sproat Lake, and active daily on our social media.

How can I contact the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol?

For more information visit: