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BCWS Map This is a community of 2,820 which borders the City of Port Alberni on the south, the Beaufort Electoral Area on the north and east and the Sproat Lake Electoral Area on the west. The Stamp and Somass Rivers form the western boundary of Beaver Creek. The Beaver Creek Improvement District converted into a local service area of the ACRD on June 1 2012. Beaver Creek Water System has an Advisory Committee made up of the Beaver Creek Director and volunteer members of the community. This committee provides guidance and advice to staff with the water system

System review:

  • Water Source: City of Port Alberni
  • Treatment: none
  • Disinfection: Chlorine
  • Reservoir(s):
1. Concrete reservoir on Kitsuksis Road, Volume of 1,135 m3
2. Bolted Steel Reservoir on Beaver Creek Road, Volume of 273 m3
3. Glass Fused Reservoir on Kitsuksis Street, Volume of 1,135 m3
  • Service connections: 987
  • Length of mains: The distribution system consists of a mixture of 100,150,200 and 300 mm diameter piping with a total length of 43,600 meters
  • Water main material: The majority of the distribution system is Asbestos Cement (AC) (67.5%) installed in the 1960's. The remainder is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Average Daily Flow: 1066 cubic meters

The majority of the Beaver Creek Water System (BCWS) was constructed in the 1960's. The water mains were originally constructed with asbestos cement pipe and more recent improvements were with polyvinyl.

Since the Beaver Creek Water System has been converted into the ACRD, a new Glass Fused Kitsuksis Reservoir and the Strick Road Pump Station have been constructed. The pump station is providing potable water to the BCWS from the City of Port Alberni. The City of Port Alberni will work towards being compliant with the Island Health's 4321 Surface Water Treatment policy.

A long term solution to water supply and treatment will be made in consultation with Beaver Creek residents. There will be cost increases required by Beaver Creek to upgrade the water distribution system and to meet the treatment requirements of the IHA.

2013 BC Consumption

Beaver Creek Water Systems 2013 Monthly Consumption

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