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Bamfield Water System

Boil Water Advisory - LIFTED


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Water Leak Policy

Press Release - Jan 30 2019 Bamfield Water Advisory Lifted

Bamfield Water System Brochure 2016

Bamfield Water System Water Application for Service


Bamfield Water System Study - Final Report

Bamfield Water THM Advisory November 20, 2013

Island Health Bamfield THM Advisory

HAA Advisory Dec 19 2013

Water Leak Policy


Bamfield Water Treatment Plant Costs Presentation

Bamfield Water Treatment Plant Dissolved Air Floatation UV Presentation

Island Health Bamfield Water Systen Presentation

BWS Assent Vote for WTP Borrowing Presentation

Bamfield is nestled quietly in a protected inlet on the south shore of Barkley Sound located on the outer west coast of Vancouver Island. Europeans founded a small outpost for fur trading and a fishing community sometime in the late 1800s. Bamfield is divided into two sections, separated by about 180 meters of the Bamfield Inlet. The west side of Bamfield is linked by a waterfront boardwalk that connects all the homes and docks on the harbour side. The east side of Bamfield contains most of the businesses, including a pub, a market and cafe.

In Bamfield there is a committee that works with the ACRD in determining the direction and operation of the water system. The committee is made of the Electoral Area"A" Director and volunteer members of the community. A contracted water operator runs the day to day operations of the Bamfield Water System (BWS). The water operator is certified through the Environmental Operator Certificate Program (EOCP) to operate small water systems.

System review:

  • Water Source: Sugsaw Lake
  • Treatment: Fine screen intake
  • Disinfection: Chlorine
  • Reservoir(s): Two Bolted Steel reservoirs, 214 m3 & 441 m3
  • Service connections: 207
  • Length of mains: App. 4550 meters of 150 mm
App. 1300 meters of 100 mm
App. 5175 meters of 50 mm
App. 325 meters of 25 mm
  • Water main material: Polyvinyl Chloride and Polyethylene
  • Average Daily Flow: 135 cu. meters

The BWS was constructed in 1979 and 1980. Before then, water was collected from individual wells, local springs and rain water collection systems. The BWS complexity is partially due to the various subsurface water lines crossing the inlets in various locations. These marine water lines are challenging to repair, being under water and often under layers of sediment.

The BWS has experienced distribution leaks caused by dissimilar metals and exposed pipes, which are subject to freezing. During a power outage a backup generator provides power to prevent any disruption to the water supply.

Quarterly sampling for Trihalomethanes (THM's) had occurred in 2013 as there was a concern due to organics and colour in the water. Trihalomethanes are formed as a by-product predominantly when chlorine is used to disinfect water for drinking. Sample results showed values higher than the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Due to the higher levels of THM's found, a Water Advisory was issued by Island Health on November 2. To try and alleviate the THM's the water system is now being flushed regularly to reduce the age of the water. Infrastructure upgrades are being investigated and the water quality will be monitored to improve the quality.

This last spring a reservoir rechlorination station was completed that automatically controls the chlorine addition to the reservoirs. No Anchoring signs were installed to identify to boaters of the presence of marine water lines. Alarms were installed at the pump house in order to alert the water operator of reservoir low levels and of power outages.

2013 Bamfield Consumption

Bamfield Water Systems 2013 Monthly Consumption


Bylaw 329 Bamfield Water Parcel Tax

Bylaw 597 Bamfield Water System Parcel Tax

Bylaw F1003 Bamfield Water System DCC

Bylaw F1019 Bamfield Water System DCC

Bylaw F1089 Bamfield Water System Rates

Bylaw F1089-1 Bamfield Water Rates Adjustment 2018