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Sort'nGo Automated Cart Collection

SortnGo LogoThe Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) is introducing an automated cart collection system to all single-family households in the City of Port Alberni. The new Sort'nGo service is an upgrade to waste collection that will include automatic roadside collection trucks and uniform carts for three streams of waste: recycling, organics and garbage. New recycling and organics carts that look similar to the existing garbage cart will be provided to homes in the City of Port Alberni.

About the New Sort'nGo Service

The goals of the new Sort'nGo auto-cart system are to provide more efficient collection, reduce future costs for residents and extend the lifespan of the landfill.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The ACRD will provide new organics and recycling carts to all single-family homes in the City of Port Alberni. An automated collection truck equipped with a mechanical arm (same as current garbage collection methods) will also pickup carts for organics and recycling.
  • The standard size for the new organics and recycling carts are 240L. The City of Port Alberni standard garbage carts are 120L.
  • Options for larger garbage carts will be available as of October 1, 2021 at $200/year for 240L and $475/year for 360L.
  • All single-family households will receive a 7L "kitchen buddy" to help capture kitchen scraps.
  • Organics will be collected every week. Garbage and recycling will be collected every two weeks, on alternating weeks.
  • The automated trucks will be equipped with cameras to check for contamination and oversized items so the City can send reminders to residents about proper cart use.
  • Residents can keep track of collection dates and check acceptable materials with the Sort'nGo ACRD app, available on Google Play or the App Store.
  • The current costs for garbage collection in the City of Port Alberni are approximately $11/month per household. The estimated increase to move to a three-stream collection system (garbage, organics and recycling) will be $4/month for a total roadside collection cost of around $15/month per household.
  • In 2021, the ACRD will engage with other Alberni Valley communities about the introduction of this program beyond City boundaries.

Things to keep in mind when sorting/placing waste in the new carts:


  • All items must be clean and loose inside the cart. Do not bag or nest items in the cart - place them inside the cart individually.
  • Excess material placed outside the cart will not be collected - please ensure that the cart is closed and there is no overflow.
  • Cardboard should be broken down so it doesn't jam the hopper inside the trucks and large pieces should be placed vertically in the cart.
  • Items such as hazardous materials, plastic bags, overwrap and foam packaging can not be disposed of in your recycling cart. Please continue to take these materials, along with excess cardboard, to the Recycle BC depots for disposal.


  • You'll be able to dispose of all food scraps (even those not suitable to backyard composting like meat, bones and dairy) as well as yard waste and soiled papers (think greasy pizza boxes!) inside your green cart.
  • Do not put 'compostable' plastic bags in the green cart.
  • Only paper bags and newspaper can be used to line the green cart and the "kitchen buddy".
  • Lining your cart with newspaper or cardboard can help items such as food waste and wet grass clipping from sticking to the bottom of the cart.


  • Excess garbage bags that do not fit in the cart will not be collected.
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