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All dwellings such as a house, apartment, and detached residences require a house number for timely 911 emergency response. All other structures used to shelter a use or be occupied also require numbering. (See Bylaw R1018 House Numbering Regulation in the Electoral Areas)

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To Update or Change an Existing Property Address

To update or change an address on your property please email .

To Get a New Address

The ACRD will provide a civic address in conjunction with an issued building permit and the Building Department initiates the request. In some cases, a civic address may also be issued prior to issuance of a building permit if it is required for utility installation or for emergency service purposes. For example, vacant land which will have construction preparations taking place.

Have You Moved?

To ensure you continue to receive Regional District correspondence, such as for water service billing, please contact the ACRD with your new mailing address and contact details by calling 250-720-2700.

It is also important to update your contact information with BC Assessment Authority so as to continue to receive your property tax and assessment records. Visit BC Assessment Mailing Address Changes webpage.


Regional District Public Web Map

The Regional District Web Map provides information on properties, land use regulations, service area boundaries, and addressing (over rural areas) and more. Information is updated on a monthly basis.

imap_thumb Recent Additions and Updates
2024-04-16 Regular basemap data updates. Zoning, Leases, Address data updates
2024-03-21 Regular data updates
2024-02-14 Separated OCP DAIA and DPA data into two separate layers
2024-02-14 Regular data updates

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