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Official Community Plans

The ACRD is made up of six electoral areas, and each area has its own Official Community Plan (OCP).

The OCP's were developed collaboratively with the local Advisory Planning Commissions (APC's), the Electoral Area Directors and the ACRD Board of Directors in consultation with community members. Consultation through open houses and public hearings with members of the general public, area residents and property owners, and technical agencies (ie. Island Health, Provincial Ministries, First Nations, etc.) provided valuable direction and vision for future development of each of the electoral areas.

Official Community Plan Bylaw Schedules and Maps

Disclaimer: The bylaws listed below are published for convenience only and are not to be considered legal versions. Please note that the bylaws provided may not contain the latest amendment(s).

Development Permits
An OCP may designate areas of land as Development Permit Areas (DPAs) for protection of the natural environment and eco systems, protection for development from hazardous conditions, or establish objectives for the form and character of development. Each Electoral Area designates different DPAs. There are currently four DPA categories: Riparian Areas Protection, Natural Hazard Areas Protection, Coastal Protection and Form and Character. If a property owner is considering construction and/or development within any of the DPAs, approval of a development permit is required.

A summary of Development Permit requirements for each OCP area is available on the Application Process & Guides webpage.

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Planning and Development