Burning Regulations

ACRD Burning Bylaws
The ACRD has adopted burning regulations for properties within the six ACRD Electoral Areas: Bamfield, Beaufort, Long Beach, Sproat Lake, Beaver Creek and Cherry Creek.

Bylaw R1030 Solid-Fuel Burning Appliance Emission Regulation 2021

  • Regulates wood burning appliances within the ACRD.
  • Requires that any new installed solid-fuel burning appliance conforms to the CSA/EPA Standard, and that any existing solid-fuel burning appliance that does not conform to the CSA/EPA Standard be permanently disconnected and removed by July 1, 2024.

Bylaw R1032 Outdoor Burning Smoke Control Regulation 2021 Bylaw R1032 Outdoor Burning Smoke Control Regulation 2021

  • Regulates open burning within each of the six Electoral Areas and includes varying regulations for campfires, domestic backyard open fires and larger land-clearing open fires, and includes a number of additional provisions.
  • Open burning is permitted only when the ventilation index is 'good' and between March 1 to April 30, and September 15 to November 15, unless otherwise prohibited by the Province.
  • Provides exemptions for cooking fires contained within barbeques and cooking appliances, fires maintained by fire services personnel and fires relating to 'normal farm and forest practices' under specific circumstances as defined by relevant provincial legislation.

Open Burning & Wood Burning
Open burning and wood burning for residential heat can negatively affect air quality in our communities, leading to both short term and long term health effects for our residents. The Port Alberni Air Quality Council (AQC) is a multi-stakeholder group that is working collaboratively to improve air quality within the region (link).

The City of Port Alberni, District of Tofino and District of Ucluelet each have regulations in place for outdoor burning and woodstove appliances but wood smoke does not stop at municipal boundaries. There are health impacts relating to poor air quality and a collaborative, regional approach is required in order to effectively respond to air quality concerns from burning in the ACRD.

Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation
The Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation (OBSCR) (link) outlines the open burning rules. These rules make sure burning is done with minimal risk to human and environmental health, and minimizes smoke from open burning, especially where people live.

The Province is broken into three smoke sensitivity zones: High, Medium and Low. The open burning rules are based on these zones. The majority of the Alberni Valley is located within the High Zone and is subject to stricter burning regulations.

Enforcement is by the Conservation Officer Service and any violation can be reported to the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line: 1-877-952-7277.

Woodstove Exchange Program

The Wood Stove Exchange Program began in 2008 with the intent to provide incentive for replacing old wood stoves (very high particulate emissions) with efficient, low emissions models or alternatives. More information on the Woodstove Exchange Program is available HERE or through the Provincial Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program HERE.