The ACRD has many bylaws covering topics such as land use, noise, building, water and waste services, taxes and fees, and unsightly premises that help ensure our community is healthy and happy, with strong long-term planning. The ACRD Board of Directors adopts and enacts bylaws following provincially legislated steps for adoption.

Bylaw Enforcement aims to maintain a safe, healthy and vibrant community by ensuring compliance with bylaws.

What does "CONSOLIDATED" and "BINDER" mean?

For ease of interpretation, we have incorporated the amendment bylaws into the initial bylaw to form a single "CONSOLIDATED" version. Requests for original bylaws prior to amendments can be made by emailing Administrative Services

Alternatively, separate amendment bylaws and their initial bylaw can be found in one PDF package called a "BINDER". Each amendment bylaw is appended to the initial bylaw PDF document for convenience.

Disclaimer: These bylaws are not intended to be used for legal purposes and this is not an exhaustive list of every ACRD bylaw. Bylaws on this website have been provided for reference purposes only, and although we make every effort to ensure accuracy, the ACRD cannot guarantee the information provided.

For official bylaw versions, please contact ACRD Administrative Services

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