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Posted: May 27, 2021

Zoning Bylaw Review

June 2021 Draft Zoning Bylaw
  • The June 2021 draft ACRD Zoning Bylaw (download PDF) and corresponding zoning maps (PDF COMING SOON) are available for review.
  • An online public survey will be available soon to get feedback on the draft Zoning Bylaw, corresponding maps and OCPs updates.
  • Refer to the summary of proposed Zoning Bylaw updates document (download PDF) for an overview of proposed updates made to the current Zoning Bylaw No. 15 (download PDF).
  • Refer to this cross referencing document (download PDF) to see what the current zone name and abbreviation is, and what they are proposed to be updated to.
  • Also included for review below is a summary of proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) updates, including updated OCP land use and Development Permit Area (DPA) maps.

Overall highlights of the draft updated Zoning Bylaw:
  • A new easy to read, more user-friendly format
  • All dimensions and measurements are expressed in the metric system
  • Additional, updated and easier to understand definitions
  • Amalgamated and simplified zones, and introduction of sub-zones - refer to this cross referencing document (download PDF)
  • Zone names more consistent with OCPs
  • Revised general regulations, including keeping of animals and private moorage facilities
  • Regulations in water zones for private moorage facilities, in accordance with provincial regulations
  • Updates to zoning maps to reflect new zones, ensure consistency with OCPs, and that are easier to review
  • Updates to clarify use of land in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), based on the Agricultural Land Commission Act and Regulations
  • Updates to OCP land use and Development Permit Area maps that are easier to review

Proposed Official Community Plan Updates
The June 2021 summary of proposed OCP updates to the six EA OCPs is available to review (PDF COMING SOON).

The following draft OCP land use maps in PDF below indicate how land has been designated for each use, outlined in the corresponding OCP, to accommodate both present and proposed uses and facilities.


The following draft OCP Development Permit Area (DPA) maps in PDF below indicate areas that may require a greater level of detail and analysis for proposed development on lands that are considered to have hazardous and/or sensitive conditions.


Current OCP land use and DPA maps are available in each of the EA OCPs listed here.

Process & Additional Resources
The overall goal of updating the Zoning Bylaw and OCPs is to better align the ACRD's zoning regulations with the policies and goals set out in the OCPs. The overarching OCPs provide guiding statements of objectives and policies for planning and land use decisions. By ensuring this alignment, the ACRD expects to create a more certain process and outcome for landowners and developers, improving clarity and addressing current planning issues.

  • The current ACRD Zoning Bylaw No. 15 (download PDF) was adopted in 1973 and has since been amended numerous times.
  • The Zoning Bylaw had not received a comprehensive review until 2016 when a draft was made available to the public for input at open houses. Further revisions were made, and an updated draft Zoning Bylaw was presented to the public at open houses in 2019 in all six Electoral Areas (EAs). Sample display boards from one of the open houses can be viewed (download PDF).
  • Following the 2019 open houses, updates were made and the next draft Zoning Bylaw was released in July 2020. This version was reviewed by a number of agencies, organizations, the ACRD Board, staff, and the public through the pre-referral process. This process also included an initial legal review, which outlined a number of recommendations for updates to the draft document and maps.
  • Current zoning maps are available here.
  • To request a copy of the July 31, 2020 draft Zoning Bylaw or corresponding maps please contact the Planning and Development Department at 250-720-2700 or
  • The Zoning Bylaw applies to the six EAs in the ACRD: 'A' - Bamfield, 'B' - Beaufort, 'C' - Long Beach, 'D' - Sproat Lake, 'E' - Beaver Creek, and 'F' - Cherry Creek. The Zoning Bylaw does not apply to those parts of the ACRD that located within the City of Port Alberni, District of Tofino, District of Ucluelet, Huu-ay-aht First Nations, Uchucklesaht Tribe, Toquaht Nation and Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Government lands.
Next Steps
The next steps in the process include the following (with anticipated timeline included for the more immediate steps):
  • Public review of June 2021 updated Zoning Bylaw, OCPs, and maps, including an online survey (COMING SOON) - Summer 2021
  • Review by all six EA Advisory Planning Commissions (APCs) - end of Summer and beginning of Fall 2021
  • Host community forum/information session(s) - Summer 2021
  • Incorporate comments received from the second review process - Fall 2021
  • First reading of the bylaws - Fall 2021
  • Official agency and First Nation referrals
  • Public Hearing: This will provide another opportunity for public input, as any individual or agency can provide comments until termination of the Public Hearing
  • Second and third readings of the bylaws
  • Adoption of the bylaws
  • Present and communicate updated bylaws

Keep checking back for updates on the Zoning Bylaw Review, and let us know if you have any questions!

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