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Zoning Bylaw Review

The August 2023 draft Zoning Bylaw is available below!

Community Planning Engagement
Given the importance of community visioning and the Zoning Bylaw, to all residents and property owners in the six Electoral Areas, the ACRD is committed to informing the public in advance about the changes that are proposed and reflecting community input to the greatest extent possible, while also ensuring alignment with the Official Community Plans (OCPs) and other legislation.

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Visit Community Planning Engagement for information on community engagement throughout the ACRD Electoral Areas.

Zoning Bylaw Review Project
The ACRD is updating its Zoning Bylaw No. 15. Bylaw 15 implements the community vision included in the Official Community Plans (OCPs) on the ground by regulating the use and development of land, and the construction of buildings on the land in all six ACRD Electoral Areas.

Updating the current Zoning Bylaw No. 15 is focused on addressing known problems, improving bylaw components that are unclear, and providing more certainty and relevancy than the current Zoning Bylaw. An updated Zoning Bylaw also aims to better align with and implement policies of the individual area OCPs.

It's important to note that the updated Zoning Bylaw remains in draft form, and we want to hear your input! The most recent draft version of the Zoning Bylaw is from August 2023 (available below), which incorporates a variety of input received since the October 2022 draft.

Please contact Planning staff with any input, comments or questions in the ACRD office, by email planning@acrd.bc.ca, or phone 250-720-2700.

August 2023 Draft Zoning Bylaw
The most current draft of the Zoning Bylaw is from August 2023 and available below. Updates have been proposed to the October 2022 draft based on the latest input received from the community, Committees, Regional Board and others. There are two versions of the August 2023 Draft Zoning Bylaw available: one with proposed updates to the October 2022 draft incorporated into the document, and one with all of the proposed updates to October 2022 draft shown in red tracked changes.



Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaws
As part of the Zoning Bylaw Review Project, amendments to the six ACRD Electoral Area Official Community Plans (OCPs) were considered to align OCP policies and objectives with the proposed updated Zoning Bylaw. Five of the OCP Amendment Bylaws have been adopted by the ACRD Board of Directors (see information here for each Amendment Bylaw). All current ACRD OCPs are available here.

Additional Background & Resources
Keep checking back for updates on the Zoning Bylaw Review, and let us know if you have any comments or questions!
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