West Coast Transit Service

There has been an ongoing discussion over the past decade regarding a potential West Coast transit service. The first feasibility study was completed in 2009 by BC Transit that looked at the viability of such a service.

In 2018, an updated feasibility study was completed and following public engagement, an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) successfully established a new service in 2019 for a transit service that would operate between Tofino and Ucluelet serving stops in between including the First Nations communities of Hitacu, Esowista and Ty-histanis. Staff continued to work with BC Transit on implementation in the following year which saw delays due to COVID-related impacts. In 2022, the Provincial Government halted funding for any new or expanded transit service putting an indefinite hold on a BC Transit operated service on the West Coast.

In early 2023, ACRD Staff engaged an experienced transit consultant to identify and assess alternative options for service implementation. Their engagement and research findings report will be presented to the West Coast Committee in the Spring of 2023 where Committee and Board members will decide on the next step for this service.

For more information about the proposed service, please contact:

Eddie Kunderman, Operations Manager

Below are reference documents in pdf to this project.