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West Coast Transit Service

There has been an ongoing discussion over the past decade regarding a potential West Coast transit service. The first feasibility study was completed in 2009 by BC Transit that looked at the viability of such a service. While no immediate action was taken there was continued dialogue on advancing this concept.

In 2017, a West Coast Transportation Study was commissioned in order to define the desired scope of a potential transit service in the context of current transportation services. This was followed by the completion of an updated West Coast transit feasibility study completed in 2018. Following the feasibility study, the ACRD Board of Directors directed staff to work with BC Transit to engage stakeholders and the broader public on a potential conventional fixed route transit service that would operate between Tofino and Ucluelet serving stops in between including the First Nations communities of Hitacu, Esowista and Ty-histanis. The public engagement was completed in April 2019 with a majority of respondents in support of the proposed service and a willingness to increase taxes to pay for the service.

Spring 2019, the ACRD Board of Directors provided staff direction to draft governance and cost allocation options for the Board's review prior to moving ahead with an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) in order to gain consent from the electorate for the creation of a West Coast transit service. The ACRD Board adopted a governance and cost apportionment model that is based on 50% converted land and improvements and 50% population. This was the preferred option as it provided a mechanism to apportion costs among service participants including the Toquaht and Ucluelet First Nations.

An AAP was conducted in November 2019 in order to gain necessary approval by the electorate to move ahead with creation of a new West Coast Transit service. The AAP was successful and the ACRD Board adopted the new West Coast transit service establishing bylaw on December 11, 2019. ACRD staff will be working with BC Transit and local stakeholders in 2020 on service implementation, including discussing opportunities for other local organizations and businesses to be involved with the service. Commencement of the new transit service is currently scheduled for Spring 2022.

For more information about the proposed service, please contact:

Jenny Brunn, General Manager of Community Services

Below are reference documents in pdf to this project.