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Beaver Creek - Zone 4 Recycling will be picked up on Friday as per the schedule
Closes 4:00 pm May 2, 2019
Both close 3:00 pm May 03, 2019

Sayachlas t'a taa'nin - Stamp Long River Trail

Stamp River

The Stamp Long River Trail provides access to 7.5 km of beautiful old growth riparian on the east bank of the Stamp River. It can be accessed from either the south or the north ends, but trail users should be aware that there are no intermediate access points. For most of its length, the trail parallels the river, although at the south end just above the falls, it goes inland for a short distance to avoid a large unstable slide. Several short switchbacks provide contrasting views of the river from above. Ancient firs and cedars can be found along the length of the trail, but there is a particularly fine stand of old growth near the north end. Eagles, hawks, mergansers, dippers and other water birds are frequently seen. In spring, fawn lilies are abundant and in fall, bears are frequently encountered feeding on salmon; care should be taken at this time of year to avoid walking into a feeding bear. Caution should also be exercised during winter when water levels are high

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