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Feb 9, 2023
Beaufort Official Community Plan Public Hearing
Feb 9, 2023
Category:Public Hearing
Date:Feb 9, 2023
Time:7:00 pm
Location:Electronic, call-in or in-person attendance
Bylaw P1448 is an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment to the existing Beaufort OCP Bylaw P1287. As part of the Zoning Bylaw Review Project, amendments are being considered to the six ACRD Electoral Area OCPs to align OCP policies and objectives with the proposed updated Zoning Bylaw. The comprehensive rewrite of the ACRD Zoning Bylaw is not being considered as part of this Amendment Bylaw, and the Zoning Bylaw remains in draft form, available here (link).

Information on amendments that are being considered to the six ACRD Electoral Area OCPs are available here (link).

  • Public Hearing Notice
  • Certified Resolution
  • Beaufort OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 1448 and Schedule 'A'
  • Beaufort OCP document incorporating Bylaw P1448 text amendments - First Reading
  • Beaufort Bylaw P1448 Memo to Regional Board - April 13, 2022
  • Beaufort OCP Land Use Map No. 2 - First Reading
  • Beaufort OCP Development Permit Area (DPA) Map No. 3 - First Reading
  • Agency and First Nation Referral Comments

  • Public Invitation to Attend Public Hearing & Zoom Tips

  • Public participants interested in attending via Zoom must register for the virtual Zoom Webinar

    Staff will be participating in the meeting from the ACRD Board Room which will be open to the public for anyone interested in attending the meeting in person.