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November 24/2017

The Alberni Valley Regional Airport is currently closed due to flooding.
November 22 News Release

Self serve sandbags available at Harold Bishop Firehall, Beaver Creek Firehall and City Works Yard

History of Operations


1947 - pulp and paper mill built in Port Alberni.
1947 - 1993 - kraft pulp production.
1955 - 1963 - stone ground wood pulp production.
1989 - Chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) production.
2012 - current CTMP production of about 600 tonnes per day.


1947 - single-line kraft mill
1956 - paper machine was added to produce linerboard.
1958 - paper machine added
1964 - paper machine added.
1970 - effluent treatment added to reduce BOD and TSS in the inlet.
1982 - liner board production ceased.
1983 - first telephone directory paper was produced
1989 - installation of a power boiler stack precipitator.
1990 - peroxide addition to bleaching process
1992 - Port Alberni Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations issued under the Fisheries Act.
1993 - activated sludge treatment system added
1993 - Kraft line shut down.
1995 - paper machine #5 was reconfigured to produce lightweight coated papers.
1996 - installation of the fluidized bed burner in power boiler #4.
1999 - started burning chipped rubber tires (TDF or tire-derived fuel).
2000 - newspaper production ceased.
2005 - one paper machine shut down indefinitely.
2010 - removed oil burning infrastructure - now dependent on natural gas and hog fuel.
2011 - upgrades on #4 hog fuel power boiler to improve combustion & energy efficiency
2012 - current annual production of 338,000 tonnes of specialty papers used in telephone directories, catalogues, magazines, brochures, inserts, and flyers.

2013 - redundant Catalyst Paper aeration lagoon sold to the City of Port Alberni for their sewage treatment upgrade project
2016 - Food Safety system implemented in the paper mill to allow the production of papers used in food packaging and food service

OTHER 2011 - replacement of the Robertson Creek dam used to manage fish flows in the Stamp and Somass Rivers
2012 - ambient air quality station moved to Alberni Elementary school site and BAM 2.5 instrument in service to replace the previous PM10 TEOM instrument that was located at the Harbour Quay