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Posted: Jul 20, 2016
The runway at AVRA is closed to fixed wing traffic. The fuel depot and Apron 1 are open to rotary wing traffic.

Alberni Valley Bear Smart Community Program

Bear Smart Brochure

bear in garbage

Step 1 : Bear-proof your home...

Garbage : Store garbage indoors or in a bear-proof enclosure until morning of scheduled pick-up day.

Coolers : Store all coolers indoors, even clean empty ones.

Pet Food : Bring pet dishes inside and clean up any spillage. Store all pet foods inside.

Bird Food : Use birdfeeders only in winter. Keep ground free of seeds.

Barbecue : Burn off the grill after each use. Store covered and in a secure area.

Fruit Trees : Pick ripe fruit and fallen fruit daily. Remove unused fruit trees.

Recycling : Wash and store recycling indoors or in a bear-proof enclosure.

Step 2 : "If you see a bear..."

Go indoors : DO NOT RUN
from the bear or taunt it. Space is Safe!
ALERT your neighbors.

Step 3 : To report a Human-Bear Conflict...

Such as property damage, threatening or aggressive behavior or if the bear has no
escape route call the Conservation Officer Service at 1 877 952 7277.

bear with bbq


consuming up to 25,000 calories a day.

While they prefer natural foods, they will eat almost anything and will do almost anything to obtain food. Bears have a keen sense of smell and are driven to investigate. Carelessly stored garbage, birdfeeders, or an unclean barbeque are open invitations to bears. Bears in pursuit of an easy meal may damage property or, in rare cases, cause injury to people.

Paying attention to common household activities will reduce encounters and contribute to a 'Bear Smart' community. Encourage your friends and neighbours to participate as well.


Often the bear is just passing through. If it finds no food,it will simply move on. Keep well
away. Do not crowd the bear - give it plenty of space. Warn others to be respectful; bring
small children and untrained pets in the house.


Do not allow the bear to feel comfortable in your backyard. Retreat to a safe place, allow
the bear an escape route and make lots of noise to encourage the bear to leave. After it has
left the area, remove anything that attracted the bear.

Alberni Valley Bear Smart Committee
For information on bear-proofing your property or to volunteer
for the Alberni Valley Bear Smart Committee please contact:

Christina Brack

Illustrations by Evelyn Kirkaldy

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Information on this page provided by the Bear Smart BC Society

For more information on this Society or the Ministry of Environment Bear Smart Program please contact:

Crystal McMillan
Executive Director
Bear Smart BC Society