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The 2020 Woodstove Exchange Program is entering the home stretch with only a few more months to go.
West Coast garbage collection requiring bag tags on extra bags effective August 24th

Waste Management

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Solid Waste Services

Please be advised that effective 12:00 pm March 17, 2020 the Port Alberni 3rd Ave Recycling Depot will be closed until further notice. This is a precautionary measure to ensure the health and safety of both depot staff and the general public regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 17 Service Notice - ACRD 3rd Ave. Recycling Depot Closed

Below is a summary of other recycling drop-off locations that may be able to assist residents in the interim.
ACRD Recycling Directory

In the event that there are no recycling drop-off facilities open, residents will be required to store their materials in a safe location until recycling services become available.

Update on other ACRD solid waste services:

  • 1. Curbside Collection - there are no changes to the curbside collection services at this time but residents are urged to be diligent with materials separation as collection staff will not be sorting bins to ensure compliance with Recycle BC regulations. The requirement of bag tags for additional garbage bags will be temporally waived.
  • 2. Landfill Services - there are currently no changes to landfill operations, other than that we have implemented a cashless payment system where visitors are required to pay via debit or credit.


waste chart The Environmental Management Act mandates regional districts to develop plans for the management of municipal solid waste and recyclable materials.

Local governments have developed management strategies that reduce their disposed amount of municipal solid waste.

The waste management hierarchy is useful when looking at opportunities to improve solid waste management systems.

Disposal of materials to a landfill is the least preferred management option in the waste management hierarchy after reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery options have been exhausted.
Recycling Services