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Citizens of Vancouver Island's west coast are asking all overnight vehicle and tent campers to make a reservation at an authorized campground before arriving on the West Coast.
The ACRD receives a 2022 Emergency Support Services grant from the Union of BC Municipalities

Land Ownership

Where can I see a copy of the Registered Plan of a piece of property?

Copies of registered plans may be obtained from a Land Titles registry agent, real property lawyer, notary public or land surveyor.

Who has control over beaches and foreshores?

The foreshore is considered to be land between the mean high and mean low tide. For fresh water, it is the land area that is alternatively covered and exposed with the rise and fall of the level of a lake or river or alternatively land between the ordinary high water mark and low water mark of a lake or river.

In most instances this land is owned by either the Province or TimberWest and is administered by those agencies. Use of such land is not permitted without the authorization of the applicable body.

Who do I contact to obtain a Crown Lease?

  1. In most cases you should contact Front Counter BC for application forms and further information on how to apply for crown land. The Port Alberni Port Authority has jurisdiction over crown foreshore within the Alberni Inlet and parts of Uchucklesit Inlet.
  2. Once your application has been filed, Front Counter BC or the Port Authority will be able to assist you in fulfilling your lease. All crown lease applications are forwarded to the Regional District in order to ensure compliance with Regional District bylaws, etc.