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Citizens of Vancouver Island's west coast are asking all overnight vehicle and tent campers to make a reservation at an authorized campground before arriving on the West Coast.
The ACRD receives a 2022 Emergency Support Services grant from the Union of BC Municipalities



Flood 1 Flooding could be caused by one or more of the following: prolonged heavy rainfall; stormy “up inlet” winds; high tides; sudden thaw after heavy snowfall; dam failure (Great Central and Elsie Lakes).

Minor Flooding
Minor flooding is defined as an incident that involves a single or small number of single-family lot/dwellings in a small geographical area. Minor flood events would normally be handled by the appropriate response agency and are confined to a single jurisdiction.

Major Flooding
Major flooding is defined as an incident that extends over a large geographical region. A flood of this magnitude would normally expand outside the boundaries of a single response agency and its mutual aid agreements and normally requires a coordinated response from multiple agencies or jurisdictions.

See Emergency Management BC for information on preparing to manage a flood that affects private homes, and for cleaning up after a flood.

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