Waste Management Education

waste chart The ACRD is pleased to present engaging and interactive workshops on waste in the region. Contact our education programs coordinator at recycling@acrd.bc.ca to set up your workshop covering the "Story of Waste in the ACRD Region". Find out:

  • How much waste
  • Where does it go
  • What are the challenges
  • What are the solutions
  • How waste management is governed in BC
  • How can each person make a difference

School programs
School workshops are designed to be in-line with the BC Curriculum Big Ideas and cross-curricular competencies for all grades. They are interactive and include:
  • The link between consumption and waste
  • Place-based learning (local ecological, historical and social connections)
  • Project-based learning if appropriate (e.g. stewardship initiatives or support for sustainable school projects)
  • Creative ideas for personal change
  • Recycle BC Colouring Book suitable for K-4

Community programs
  • Suitable for audiences of all ages, from Kindergarten to adult, indoors or outdoors
  • Relevant to local issues yet in the context of the big picture
  • Inspiring, promote concrete ideas for making a personal difference.

Train the trainer model
Resources and training can be arranged for your in-house trainers (e.g. First Nation communities, businesses, apartment buildings etc.)