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Appearing as a Delegation

Request to Appear as a Delegation

Download the Delegation Request Form (PDF)

All individuals or organizations requesting permission to appear before the Board or its Committees as a delegation are required to submit a written request including the presentation topic, summary and the specific action being requested of the Board or Committee using the Delegation Request Form.

Number of Delegations: Only three delegations will be heard per meeting, with a maximum time of 10 minutes per individual/organization. Delegations are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. If the spots are full, Regional District staff will accommodate you on the next available agenda. Delegations are heard at the beginning of the Board or Committee meeting, immediately following approval of the meeting's agenda and minutes.

Deadlines: Delegation requests and all written correspondence must be submitted by noon, the Thursday before the meeting date.

Audio/Visual Presenters: If you would like to conduct a power point presentation, you will be required to email a copy of your presentation at least one day prior to the meeting, to the Administrative Services Department at Presenter(s) will be required to share their screen during the Zoom meeting to conduct their power point presentation.

Delegation Confirmation: The Administrative Services Department will confirm your delegation request by 4:30 pm the Thursday prior to the requested meeting. You will be provided a Zoom meeting invite and instructions on how to participate and share your screen if you have a power point presentation.

Zoom Webinar & Question Period

If you wish to participate in an ACRD Board or Committee meeting you can register to participate on the ACRD website as follows:

  • Go to the ACRD home page
  • Go to the calendar on the left side of the home page
  • Click on the meeting date you wish to participate in; this takes you to the meeting page
  • Click on the "PUBLIC REGISTER HERE" link and register to participate (this link will be posted the week prior to the meeting)
  • You will receive an email with participation instructions
  • Download the Zoom platform to your device
  • Approximately three to five minutes before the meeting click on the meeting link in the email provided to you

Questions/Comments from the Public during Question Period
If you have a question or comment for the ACRD Board or a Committee respecting an agenda item, you will have an opportunity under the Question Period section of the agenda, which usually occurs towards the end of the meeting. The following are the steps to provide input/comments during Question Period:

  • At the bottom of your Zoom screen, click on the Q & A button
  • Type in the question or comment you would like to speak to during the question period portion of the agenda
  • If you would prefer a staff member to read out your question of comment, please include this in your Q & A message
  • You will be called upon to speak during question period
Email Your Questions/Comments

If you have any questions or comments respecting a Board or Committee agenda item and you do not wish to participate in the meeting, you can email . Your email submission will be read out by a staff member from the Administration Department at the respective meeting under the Question Period section of the agenda which usually occurs towards the end of the meeting. Please specify in your email which meeting you would like to provide your questions/comments at.

Watch Board and Committee Meetings Live

You can watch all open ACRD Board and Committee meetings live on the ACRD's website as well as watch previous meeting's recordings. To watch meetings live:

  • Go to the ACRD home page
  • Go to the calendar on the left side of the home page
  • Click on the meeting date you wish to participate in; this takes you to the meeting page
  • Click on the YouTube link to watch the meeting

Go to ACRD Calendar of Events to find upcoming events and the annual meeting schedule.

Disclaimer: By submitting a Delegation Request you acknowledge and understand that the meeting at which you wish to speak is a public meeting which is recorded and livestreamed, and by speaking at these meetings you are consenting to disclosure of any personal information made evident through your speech or presentation materials. Personal information includes your image, name, address and personal opinions. Individuals presenting to the Board or Committee are requested to respect third-party information by not disclosing others personal information without their consent. You are also asserting that the presentation is in compliance with the Federal Copyright Act and grant the ACRD license to publish these materials in their meeting agendas, minutes, and online.

Personal information collected through the Delegation Request Form is protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will only be used by authorized staff for contact purposes.

For additional information on how to submit a Delegation Request in person, by e-mail, mail, or by fax, or to participate in a meeting via Zoom Webinar, please contact Administrative Services at (250) 720-2700, 3008 Fifth Avenue, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 2E3, fax: (250) 723-1327 or email