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Begins Monday Jan 27
Building Permit applications for a 2nd residence in the ALR need to be in to the ACRD no later than Jan 17, 2020 to meet the deadline set by the ALC in Info Bulletin 05.

Building Permits

BC Building Code now free for all

Energy Step Code - Updated BC Building Code 2018

Technical Bulletins - BC Energey Step Code

Refer to Agricultural Land Commission Information Bulletin #5 (February 25, 2019) regarding new permitted residential uses in the ALR, 'grandfathering' and 'under construction' criteria, and non-adhering residential use applications.

  • Building Permit Requirements

  • The following information is required upon application for a building permit. If all items listed below are not attached, the permit application will not be accepted.
    1. 1 completed Building Permit Application
    2. 2 sets of plans that include foundation layout and details, floor plans and point loads, roof plan and point loads, cross section, north/south/east/west elevation drawings
    3. 1 site plan showing location of existing and proposed structures on property. Note: any structure within 20 feet of a given setback will require a registered BC Land Survey.
    4. 1 recent certificate of title (can be obtained at a Land Titles registry agent).
    5. Proof of Island Health Filing of Sewerage System Form.
    6. 1 homeowner protection form approved by the homeowner protection office. Forms can be obtained from the Homeowner Protection Office 1-800-407-7757.
    7. Building Permit Agency Contact List

    Download the Building Permit Application Form Package

    Download the Demolition Permit Application Form Package.

    Building Fees
    The charge for building permits is based on the value of the construction authorized by the permit.

    For example:

    If the building cost is $100,000.00 the fee would be approximately $624.00

    Building Bylaw PS1005-5

    For further information contact the Building Inspector at 720-2700.