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Building Permits

Downloadable Forms (PDF)

Building Fees
The charge for building permits is based on the value of the construction authorized by the permit.

For example:

If the building cost is $100,000.00 the fee would be approximately $624.00
Building Permit Application Requirements

The following information is required upon application for a building permit. If all items listed below are not attached, the permit application will not be accepted.

  • Building Permit Requirements

    • 1 completed Building Permit Application
    • 2 sets of plans that include foundation layout and details, floor plans and point loads, roof plan and point loads, cross section, north/south/east/west elevation drawings
    • 1 site plan showing location of existing and proposed structures on property. Note: any structure within 20 feet of a given setback will require a registered BC Land Survey.
    • 1 recent certificate of title (can be obtained at a Land Titles registry agent).
    • Proof of Island Health Filing of Sewerage System Form.
    • 1 homeowner protection form approved by the homeowner protection office. Forms can be obtained from the Homeowner Protection Office 1-800-407-7757.

    Building Permit Agency Contact List

    Building Bylaw PS1005-5

    For further information contact the Building Inspector at 720-2700.