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Bamfield Housing Needs Report

The ACRD is working with Vancouver Island University (VIU), and the Bamfield community, to develop a Bamfield Housing Needs Report (HNR).

Community Engagement
Bamfield residents, property owners, and community members, thank you for completing the housing needs survey and participating in the online community forums. We received a lot of great input that is helping to inform the final HNR.

On January 28, the project team received input from the Bamfield Advisory Planning Commission (APC) on preliminary housing needs identified through community engagement including the online survey and community forums on January 13 and 14. The draft Bamfield HNR is currently being developed. Stay tuned for the final Bamfield HNR!

Please let the project team know if you have any comments or questions:

Community input is important, as Bamfield is remote and isolated with a unique base of community services. While the area is vast, the majority of the population and housing stock is located in the community proper and in the neighbouring Huu-ay-aht community, Anacla. The project team will work closely with the Bamfield community throughout the development of the HNR to provide an overall better understanding of current and future housing needs for residents and stakeholders.