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Citizens of Vancouver Island's west coast are asking all overnight vehicle and tent campers to make a reservation at an authorized campground before arriving on the West Coast.
The ACRD receives a 2022 Emergency Support Services grant from the Union of BC Municipalities

Agricultural Plan & Implementation Project

In 2011, the ACRD Board of Directors adopted the Alberni Valley Agricultural Plan which sets forth a vision for development of the resources required for the community to produce 40% of the food consumed locally within 20 years. Planning staff, and the consultants hired to formulate the Plan, developed 12 primary goals to achieve this vision with feedback and guidance from the ACRD Agricultural Advisory Committee, various agriculture, government and First Nations stakeholders as well as extensive public consultation. Each of the primary goals includes individual action items which will contribute to achievement of the overall objectives of the Plan.

In 2014, the ACRD contracted a team of Agricultural Support Workers to assist with implementation of the Plan. Under the guidance of the newly established Agricultural Development Committee and the diverse community they represent, the Agricultural Plan Implementation Project has resulted in a stronger and more vibrant farming community, a number of local informational databases and documents, an increased public presence for agriculture, and new micro-projects and funding resources.

Recent local publications include:


The Alberni Valley Agricultural Plan was funded in part by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC through programs it delivers on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture.

For more information on agriculture in the ACRD contact Alex Dyer, Planner at 250-720-2700 or 10 mile radius ag map