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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Beaver Creek Volunteer Fire Department Engine 5-3 Replacement
Temporary delays on trail from China Creek parking lot south to Underwood Cove

Alberni Air Quality Society

The Alberni Air Quality Society (AAQS), a non-profit organization, works towards continual improvement of air quality in the Alberni airshed. The society promotes information exchange and directs its activities and programs to the community through staff and volunteers. The purpose of the society is to promote the cleanest possible air quality for the Alberni Basin and its inhabitants by:
(1) working collaboratively with individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to promote health and improve air quality; and

(2) undertaking research and monitoring, public education, and policy development to achieve our goals.
The society provides the legal framework and financial organization to support the mission and goals of this community effort. Additionally, the AAQS coordinates and manages the activities of the Air Quality Council.

Society Directors

Patty Edwards

Judy Carlson

Arne Elias

Stefan Ochman