EMBC Tips for flood response

Flood tips for British Columbians being deluged by rainwater

VICTORIA - With increased precipitation levels today, many communities are continuing to face flood impacts while others are beginning to experience it. Preparing for a potential flood, protecting yourself during a flood and getting your home in order after being impacted by a flood can seem overwhelming.

Flood water may contaminate drinking water supplies, introduce pollutants and debris into your home and lead to malfunction of sewage disposal systems. Protecting yourself and your family from illness is a critical part of getting your life back to normal. Following a substantial flood there may also be damage to roads and utilities in your community. Electricity may be shut off, telephone and internet may not work, and basic services like sewage and water may not be available for some time.

With planning and preparation, British Columbians can help to minimize the impact of any disaster. Here are some resources that can help them prepare:

Prepared BC Flood Information for Homeowners and Home Buyers