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Short Term Vacation Rentals

Nightly, weekend, and weekly short term vacation rental (STR) accommodations on residential properties are increasing. Within the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) STR's are primarily concentrated within Sproat Lake, Bamfield and Long Beach Electoral Areas and mainly located on properties not zoned for rental accommodation.

Regional District staff are increasingly receiving more complaints regarding the STR of properties inconsistent with residential zoning for single family dwellings. Some complaints include the properties being overcrowded, noisy, issues with vehicle and boat parking, public intoxication, traffic and inadequately designed sewage disposal systems.
Public Consultation
In September and October 2017 ACRD residents and property owners were invited and encouraged to participate in the STR public consultation process. The ACRD hosted open houses in Sproat Lake, Bamfield and Long Beach, and provided an online comment form for those who couldn't attend (review the open house boards here).

Information was provided to:
  • inform residents on what is going on with STR's
  • share research on what other Regional Districts and local governments are doing to manage these rentals
  • gain input on the options available to the ACRD to permit, or not permit and enhance enforcement for these rentals
Next Steps
The ACRD received a lot of informative input throughout the STR public consultation process, which has been compiled into a Short Term Vacation Rentals Consultation Summary and Recommendations Report. The report is being considered by the ACRD Board of Directors at the November 22, 2017 Board meeting.

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